Jan. 9th, 2017

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Yes, I am livid. Seeing red. However you want to put it... and it isn't something new, as you might think.

My brother died alone in his home one year ago today. He led enough of a solitary life and was kind of a dick so he wasn't found for two more days. .... Guess that is better than my father who died alone in his apartment and wasn't found for three days.

Whatever. They were both assholes and they knew it. Prided themselves on it.

I am angry because I am the Personal Representative for my brother's estate. That means "Executor" in the old way of thinking... the one that takes care of everything after the person passes away. Yeah... that is me. I am both happy and sad that I have that role. It has its good side and its bad side, like everything does.

I am angry because the attorney that we chose to advise us for our estate has really done nothing but mislead us, albeit unintentionally, the entire time we have retained him. We were led to believe that the estate would close quickly and it didn't. We were told that since we found all the heirs it would be simple and it isn't.

He died a year ago and the estate still isn't closed. We made commitments based on the timeframes that we were given... in effect, made plans, paid for a future trip, based on the shitty, half-assed info from the estate attorney's office who didn't actually know what they were talking about.

Friends of ours paid ahead for some of this trip with the understanding that we would pay them before we left. The trip is scheduled for the end of April... three and a half months from now. Today is fucking January 9th.

Why the hell is this still going on??????????????????????????


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