Mar. 26th, 2017

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As I scrubbed the last of Fehu off my wrist this morning, I pondered more on the concept of wealth. And wealth that we circulate and share versus wealth that we alone gain from.

The use of the word "wealth" in our modern Western society is most standardly thought of as a measure of monetary resources.
How much do we have?... it enough for what we want to buy or do?... well do we handle it?... can we get more of it?
These seem to be constant, main themes in our society. Many people equate their own happiness to how much money they have, as if that alone dictates the amount of joy they feel.

Fehu's wealth references more than money. It is a representation of abundance. Abundance in good things, abundance in bad things. Light and dark. Just like the universe.

Common saying:
"You have to spend money to make money."
Let's take the word "money" and replace it with another word.

This phrase perfectly embodies the aspect of Fehu that encourages mobile wealth. It applies to all things. It applies to love, to hate, to inspiration, to apathy, to artistry, to skill, to boredom, to joy, to frustration, to anger, to affection... and the list goes on.

When we focus on increasing any one thing we expend some of it and end up with more of that thing plus the positive or negative vibe that comes along with it.
- It can apply to how we deal with other people in both positive and negative ways (uplifting others increases their happiness and desire to uplift others; denigrating someone increases their dissatisfaction with themselves and their need to insult or bring down others).
- It can apply to how we deal with ourselves (positive or negative self-talk tends to breed more of the same in us).

I find myself today feeling thankful for the wealth of positive abundances in my life. Sure, there are some negative abundances in there, too, but I am slowly chipping away at them bit by bit.

Fehu, thank you for your insight.


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