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Part of the assignment of the Year-and-a-Day program I started a year ago was to journal every day and to meditate on a regular basis.

Early on, I tried to journal in a manual, hand-writing way and failed at it so I gave up.
Early on, I also tried to meditate and struggled with it so I gave up.

I started this Dreamwidth journal to get myself to journal every day and so far it is working. I am actually feeling the need to write stuff down every day which I have no felt for a very, very long time.

As far as meditating, yesterday... so October 10, 2016.... I downloaded two meditation apps to my phone to try to get myself to meditate regularly. I tried them both and found that I like the one and not the other. I deleted the one that I do not like and I am going to stick with the one I like. It is called Headspace and it is based out of the UK. I think that after a free trial period you have to pay monthly but I am going to see if I can just use the free stuff.

Day 1, 10/10/2016
The initial meditation was 10 minutes long. I like the guy's voice and the directions. I fall asleep 5 minutes into it and wake up a half-hour later. So... not a failure. Just need to stick with it.

Day 2, 10/11/2016
I decided to redo the first meditation since I fell asleep the first time. I got through the entire thing and even listened to some of the other stuff on the company website Headspace. So... improvement!
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