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Yup. Yesterday kinda sucked, just like most of my birthdays do now.

All of my birthdays growing up were a big deal. Cake, balloons, presents. So as my kids were growing up I made a big deal out of their birthdays even if I didn't have a lot of presents to give them. I made a big deal out of my husband's birthdays, too, always coordinating some sort of friend-get-together or somesuch so that he would smile.

Well.... as the years went on and the friends that I bought presents for didn't reciprocate and my husband didn't make a big deal of my birthday and the kids grew older and older, I just got away from making a big deal out of birthdays.

The problem is that it just makes me:
1. feel guilty about not doing for others on their birthdays
2. feel even sadder when my own birthday comes around again and my life is like a ghost town

So... yeah.... yesterday sucked. I drank two 22 oz. draft beers at Applebee's for Zach's birthday dinner (his birthday is 10/11 - two days before mine) and then, being super full and somewhat tipsy, I came home, tried to watch a Harry Potter movie with my husband, and then just fell into bed.

Yay. I am another year older.

Today dawned as yet another day does. And I just need to turn my thoughts inward and take care of me, I guess... just like every day.


Date: November 9th, 2016 10:49 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] kehleyr
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Happy belated Birthday <3


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