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We bought our current home in the fall of 2007.
I remember very clearly the first time I saw this house.

We were moving from a small, newly-built home in a little town just outside of city limits back into the city proper. We had been looking at homes for awhile, had finally decided to make an offer on one, and the realtor decided to bring us to another empty house that was on the market to sit down and write up an offer.

When we pulled in the driveway I remember leaning forward and looking through the windshield up, up, up at the imposing front of this large home. Granted, it is not any taller than any of the other two-story homes we had been looking at but I felt the presence of this house even before I opened my car door.

It is on a fairly quiet, curved road in an older suburb and has an odd, uneven, trapezoid-shaped lot with a long, skinny backyard surrounded almost entirely by spaced-picket fencing. There is a heavy metal dome grate in the low corner of the backyard that should have warned me of future drainage problems, but such things are rarely seen through rose-tinted glasses. Three large, mature maple trees line the back of the house; one is on the side. Lilac bushes ring the house and in spring the scent filling the house is intoxicating.

The house was built in the early 1970s and its energy felt very blank... sleepy, sort of.... like it had been years since there had been any sort of happenings under its roof. I felt no sadness, no anger, no horrors.. only happy, good, and wholesome goings-on had happened here. Come to find out that the couple that were selling it were empty-nesters and their kids were grown and moved out. The house had 5 bedrooms and wallpaper in nearly every room (enough that the realtor feared it would never sell). There is 70s green shag in the ginormous rec room on the second floor. A working wood fireplace. Black metal spiral stairs for the kids to play on.

This was it! We had found the perfect place to move our family to! And the house blossomed with the laughter and noise of a full family again.

Now that we had found it, we set to the business of living in it as American middle-class families do.

The house and the land it inhabits have always felt abandoned to me.
Abandoned by the original wights that hailed from this place.

From what I know, this was farmland for decades and then that was cleared in the 1970s to hold houses for the growing city. I guess "empty" is the best way I can describe it. In my defense, American culture does not teach or encourage recognizing entities like wights or vaettir. I had read about the practice when I first found heathenry but didn't feel comfortable implementing any sort of veneration at that point in my life.

Being an animist, believing in these spirits is not difficult. To be honest, I have been assigning specific personalities and feelings to the house and our yard for years. It is now time to start acting.

Something tells me that our house and land wights have not left for they are tied to this place.
Sleeping, eyes half-closed in that dreamy liminal space dappled with starlight.

Time to get busy.

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March 2017

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