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How have I never heard of this guy before???

Dr. Martin Shaw
He is like a male Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs but about humans and storytelling!

This is what hooked me! Best 8 minutes I have spent in a long, long time!
TRAILING THE GODS BACK HOME: An Interview with Dr. Martin Shaw

Here is his website and available courses:
West Country School of Myth

This man describes how I write:
"I work with the notion that my mind is not contained in my head but is actually part of the porosity of the forest or wherever I happen to be walking. So they start with small little seeds and I ruminate and ruminate and they grow in that fashion."

A fascinating take on writing:
"As a writer, I am interested in what I call Skin Memory, Flesh Memory, and Bone Memory. Skin Memory is the stuff you put on the CV [standard resume items]. ... It's objective. Then you have Flesh Memory and Flesh Memory are a little bit like acupuncture points. They're the moments in your life where you've been really touched by something deeply. Maybe it was an illness, it was a love affair, it was something that marked you. So when you remember it it touches you deeply. But Storytellers, Mythtellers, to use a big word, the really great ones, the tribal ones, they trade in a deeper dimension again. It's what we all chthonic and it's what Bone Memory is. Now Bone Memory is when contained in the inner rhythms of some ancient story there are motifs and images that speak directly to your soul. ... But it's not related necessarily to anything you can claim around you at that time. It's a deeper thing."

"I have always had access to Bone Memory. I remember things that are not tied up with the walk of my 45 years on the planet. They're deeper than that."

"Bone Memory is what we need. We are living in such perilous times now that the stories that we need have to have that caribou dust in them. They have to have a remembering in them."

"What's going on with the laptops and the screens and everything it means that our gaze is becoming compromised. We no longer feel the 10,000 trembling secrets at the edges of our vision. But go to any indigenous hunter and say 'Where is your vision most potent?' and it is on the edge of things."
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