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I have been thinking quite some time about something that I haven't really put into words. I am going to attempt that now... so forgive me if it is incoherently written.

I read about and spend a lot of my time thinking about things that are mythical, liminal... and by that I mean a lot of it is historical story, folklore, legend. Tales that modern man would imagine were being told around a campfire like a ghost story. They are things that modern science cannot witness and examine; they cannot position it upon a steel laboratory table, shine a glaring light on it, and take apart and dissect it so as to figure out its inner workings. To attempt to do so causes the thing to dissipate like so much mist.

Though the centuries cultures have developed tales of gods and heroes, villains and demons, fantastical creatures both big and small, to help them explain and deal with the happenings of their existence on this planet.

Last year, in 2016, after the deaths of two siblings who I loved dearly, I started noticing things out of the corner of my eye. Not just weird things that I couldn't make out at dusk or in the dark of night. They were there in full-on daytime.

I have become good friends with pagans who believe sincerely in things others would snicker at. Some of them believe that sitting atop their house is a dragon that not everyone can see... and that all houses have them. Almost all of them believe wholeheartedly in the presence of gods and goddesses in their lives... enough that they dream of them often, take messages from them, feel emotions from them, etc. I know people who believe in house spirits like brownies or house elves. I know animists who believe that all things in nature have spirits (I am one such person).

I have started putting things together in my head like the things I always see out of the corner of my eye... or the movement my eyes catch at the edge of a curtain... faces in firelight or in the movement of leaves... a person of an older culture, one steeped in mystery and legends, would immediately ascribe these goings on to these Other Folk. Meaning, they would not automatically discount the experience to a trick of the eye and forget about it. After these things kept happening, they would start to create stories around them. They would start using their imagination to assign features and traits to these beings.

The reason I know this is because I am starting to do the same. I am starting to create the stories and characters from my instincts... if it feels male or female, if it feels good-natured or mischievous... perhaps even what it looks like. My mind is starting to record details of where and when the phenomena occur.

This is how stories are made. This is how families and children create traditions. This is how humans create meaning where there is none.

I am seeing more by keeping my eyes half-closed than I ever did with them wide-open. I am seeing magick and possibility, energy and potential, dark and light... the yawning chasm of the abyss as well as the way across.

The edges are the key.
It is the literal that holds us back.

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Oh I love this :-D.


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