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I cannot sleep. My kitchen, my bathroom, my bedroom, my back room, my rec room... my entire world feels war-torn right now. Everything I touch, every surface I use, is cluttered with disorganized papers and things, small, glittery pieces of jewelry sprinkled amidst trash that flutters in the fan breeze, weighted down with meaningful things like purses and brushes, laptops and homework binders, every once in awhile I glimpse important things like lab orders and business cards and I think to myself I better handle that before I cannot find it again. I start to straighten, to clean, and I am always tripping and falling against something, always dropping things, fumbling fingers thinking they are grasping when they are not... something always sidetracks me.... my brain feels like it is laundry hung on a line and flapping in the wind of a coming rainstorm... I better collect that before the laundry is ruined... isn't that the third sink of soapy water I have made to wash the dishes that have sat here for days?... not sure what's up. o.O
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I started a post earlier today... then got sidetracked.... then when I just finished writing it and tried to post it the site told me that I was no logged in. So when I logged in the post was complete gone?? Boo. :(
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Couldn't think of a thing to blog about today, but... now I have a topic!


I can do it... and I do it on a fairly regular basis just because my husband and I need to eat healthier and stop blowing money on eating out.

However, I do not enjoy it and I do NOT have a knack for it. I would much rather clean for my supper than cook it.


I agreed (like a dumbass) to make 6 quiches for a fundraiser tomorrow. There is fucking egg on my kitchen floor, in my oven, on my counters... I am in hell right now.

Yeah.... really despise cooking.

UPDATE, 3:04pm
The 6 broccoli-cheddar quiches are done. The last two are pretty crispy on top. My oven is a disgusting mess. So are my floors and counters. My house smells like smoke.
So. Not. Worth it.
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(pulling this from LJ since I am going to close that blog, I posted this earlier this morning and want to record it here)

Today is the day when a dear friend of mine is taking her poor, old dog to the vet to be put to sleep. We went and saw him yesterday. He refuses to eat. He has wasted away in the last few weeks and is boney and thin. The last thing he ate were some dog cookies that I made and brought to their house two days ago. He is disoriented. His balance is gone. His legs will not hold him up. He did at least wag his tail when we were there. Visitors are good. His cognition is sporadic. Sometimes he is there in his eyes, sometimes he is not.

I feel so badly for his human family. I did not know him very well but I feel their pain keenly enough that I am in tears.

Goodbye, Drake.
Hold a spot for my own fur baby once he gets there.
I am sure you will be the best of friends.
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...Yeah.... new to Dreamwidth.... I am on a quest to start blogging again and tripped and fell face-first into the grossness that is now LJ. Quickly stood up, scraped that shit off, and started looking around for a new place to call home.

So here I am... need friends to bitch with, people whose personalities and blogging styles inspire me.... need some basic guidance on customization and layouts so I can get my HTML bearings again.
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I am amazed how much LJ sucks now. It actually makes me sad.

Here's hoping Dreamwidth is just what I am looking for!


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