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~Surrealistically Curious~

...10,000 trembling secrets at the edge of our vision...

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Birthdate:Oct 13
~I am a woman living in Midwest USA and I like to think I am just now waking up.

~I have been an animist my entire life and did not know that the belief had a name.~

~I am a shifter. When I let myself, I drop into other consciousnesses very easily.
Most of my life it has taken me by surprise. I write to deal with it and also to draw it out.
My challenge is, of course, to learn to control this gift and keep insanity at bay.~

~My guide is raccoon and I manifest many of those traits.~

~And though I claim Heathenry, I recognize, respect, and will answer to many gods.~


~Having held many incarnations online, this one is specifically to journal, explore,
and set my feet firmly upon the packed earth of my new path one step at a time.~

~I started this journey of inward searching in the fall of 2013.~

~Currently (fall 2016), I am ensconced in a Year-And-A-Day
program that is designed for self-education, self-expression, and growth.~

NOTE - For those curious, I am happily married to and in an exclusive relationship with the man I will be with for eternity. Don't bother.


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