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In the wake of my decision to devote myself to one faith, I was gifted a dream that has me very excited.

I usually have very scattered and disorganized dreams full of disconnected images and emotions that are hard to interpret. This dream was different in that it had a specific part that had me sitting up on the edge of my bed in the darkness of pre-dawn with the name "Loki" repeating in my brain. I stumbled up and went to find the Dream Journal binder I had made for class so that I could record the details before they slipped away. I kept all the lights off so that my rational mind didn't kick in too soon. I discovered that I had not put any paper in it, only the plastic sleeves used to hold hand-written sheets of paper. Then... still finding no notebook or something with lines on it, I grabbed a piece of printer paper and started writing.

Intuitively, I did not try to write in sentences. I just wanted to get down the main details of the different sections of the dream so that I could recall images later.

The Dream and My Analysis )
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I woke this morning with passionate ideas about things I wanted to do, notebooks I want to start, a plan of attack for a Meditation Journal, a Dream Journal, a Shifting Journal, a Journeying Journal, a Magick Workings Ideas/Journal... and all those plans slowly faded away when I realized that my evening was already planned for me.

We had invited a young couple that we know over for dinner and I needed to come up with a plan for what to cook. I decided on White Chicken Chili and cornbread because I had 90% of the ingredients and I haven't made that in ages. The chili recipe seems easy but there are many steps to it and the longer you let the ingredients simmer together the better it tastes. And then I had to do the cornbread from scratch, too. So... I basically spent my entire afternoon inn the kitchen. We had a totally yummy dinner but my inspiration for new directions of my passions had to be put on hold.

Then after dinner our friends didn't leave until after 8pm and by that time hubby and I just wanted to relax and unwind.

My ideas for notebooks is still there... it is just faded in the stark light of life and commitments.

Here is hoping that my creativity will come rushing forth tomorrow morning.

Oh. And tomorrow I turn 51 years old. Yeah. You heard me.
Not sure what I will do tomorrow... I want to fill the gas tank and take off.
Somehow I do not think that will be happening.


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