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So.... I came to a realization yesterday of who and what I am in an otherworldly sense and now that I am actually able to put words to it and connect things from my past to it now I need to start moving towards refinement of that gift.

I am a shifter.

It is a pretty heady thing to own up to.
And, at least for me, I have to exercise quite a bit of bravery even to believe that of myself.
I am just done being a chickenshit.
It is time to take a leap of faith in myself.

I am able to shift my consciousness to one that is not my own. Up to now in my life, I have mostly experienced this in a random, more organic way. It is what I have labeled "inspired" when I write. It is the letting go of the me in this world and giving myself over to the character and place of my imagination. I cease to exist in this world on a spiritual, psychic level and I am drawn into the abstract world of my imagination.

How I know... )

That was my first experience with what I have always called "inspired writing". Basically I leave myself and I live, breathe, feel whatever my character feels and all the while I am putting that experience into writing. It always feels like it is just funneling from my mind and heart down through my hands and on to a page.

So now I must figure out what to do with my newfound knowledge...

It makes sense to me to start a course of study with myself. There are obviously no books or manuals out there to help me hone this skill. Initially, I am thinking that I need to start giving myself assignments and then journal or write about them. I mention this second step because as I get older I do not believe that the writing down of the experience is what makes it real (which I thought when I was young). I believe it happens whether I have a means to write it down or not.

Also, I think this will be a great segue-way into my first Book of Shadows.

Art and writing... nothing comes closer to spilling my insides out than that.


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